Hemp Fashion

The growing hemp textile trend is exciting news for businesses and consumers alike, as the demand for eco-friendly sustainable products keeps increasing.

Luckily, some big names in the fashion industry are turning to greener alternatives for their textiles, and hemp clothing is on the rise.

Hemp does not require pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, doesn’t need much water to grow, and cultivation of this crop even improves soil health and prevents erosion. Hemp also grows in nearly any climate.   Hemp textiles provide many advantages over other textiles as well, as it is stronger and more durable than cotton. Hemp clothing is weather resistant and protects against UV radiation better than any other textile. Hemp is also naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Since many consumers are willing to spend more for sustainable products, many fashion brands are turning to hemp textiles to satisfy customer demands, and increase their bottom line.

Levi's debuted a collection with the Wellthread-Outerknown label that includes a pair of jeans and jacket made from a 69%-cotton/31%-hemp blend that feels like pure cotton.Levi's has found a way to make hemp fibers soft and able to blend with cotton, but in a way that uses significantly less water than the process used to turn hemp plants into a rough material. "It's great that it's resonating with the consumer, but it's more important that it's helping to future-proof our supply chain," Levi's head of global product innovation, Paul Dillinger said.  “Our intention is to take this to the core of the line, to blend it into the line, to make this a part of the Levi's portfolio."

Patagonia offers a hemp clothing line mainly geared towards rough outdoor work, as hemp provides the perfect protection against the elements, and wear and tear. They also offer everyday men’s and women’s wear, and even have some hemp clothing for babies.

prAna, which is part of Columbia Sportswear offers unique active wear apparel geared towards specific activities, including yoga, climbing, hiking, fitness, and travel.  prAna notes that hemp textiles are ideal for active wear because it is lightweight and breathable, much like linen. Hemp stays strong and durable even after repeated washings.  prAna blends their hemp with other materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and spandex so their hemp clothing line does not wrinkle.

There’s still a long way to go before hemp textiles are mainstream, and many of these brands are using hemp brought in from overseas, however, with the 2018 Farm Bill being approved which allows legal cultivation of hemp in the USA, expect to see many clothing brands adopting this versatile and eco-friendly textile in the very near future.



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